Intro to JupyterLab

Intro to JupyterLab

JupyterLab will be our primary method for interacting with the computer. JupyterLab contains a complete environment for interactive scientific computing which runs in your web browser. Jupyter is an open source python project that was started by scientists like yourselves who wanted a more effective way to interact with their computers.

JupyterLab has excellent documentation. Rather than repeat that documentation here, we point you to their docs. The following pages are particularly relevant:

You will gain experience and familiarity with JupyterLab over the course of the semester as we use it in our weekly lectures and assignments.


Throughout the course, we will write rich text documents using Markdown. Here are some useful references on Markdown syntax.

Our Course JupyterHub

JupyterHub is multi-user Jupyter environment designed for companies, classrooms and research labs. The Columbia version of this course uses a cloud-based JupyterHub environment managed by 2i2c:

Launch JupyterHub