Assignment: Files, Git, and Github#

Create a Dummy Resume Repository#

Use JupyterLab to launch a terminal and use the terminal to do the following tasks:

  1. Create a new directory called resume within your home directory

  2. Create an empty file within this directory called

Now use JupyterLab to edit the file:

  1. Navigate to the directory in the file browser

  2. Open in the text editor

  3. Open in in Markdown Preview

  4. Arrange these files side-by-side so you can see your document rendered

  5. Edit the file in the editor. Add the following information:

    1. Top level heading with your name

    2. An image. It can be a photo of you or, if you prefer, a photo of your spirit animal.

    3. Secondary heading entitled “Education”

    4. A list of schools you attended, hyperlinked to the websites of those insitutions

  6. Save the file

Now go back to the terminal and do the following:

  1. Initialize a new git repository in the resume directory

  2. Add the file to the repository

  3. Create a new commit with a commit message

  4. Check the git log to see your commit history

  5. Go to GitHub and create a new public repository entitled resume

  6. Push your local resume repository to GitHub following the instructions.

  7. View your online resume at<your github username>/resume

Finally, go back to the editor and add a new subsection called “Research Interests” to your file. Update your local git repository and push your changes to GitHub. Verify that the remote repository is updated.

To “hand in” this part of the assignment, put a link to it in the file in the next part.

Create your Assignments Repository#

Now that you know how to create a git repository, you should create your assignments repository.

  • Create a new directory called rces-assignments in your home directory.

  • Create a markdown file that contains your name and a link to your “resume” repo.

  • Initialize a new git repository

  • Add the file and make your first commit

  • Create a new private repository on GitHub called rces-assignments. (Call it exactly like that. Do not vary the spelling, capitalization, or punctuation.)

  • Push your rces-assignments repository to GitHub

  • On GitHub, go to “settings” -> “collaborators” and add rabernat and stb2145.

  • Push new commits to this repository whenever you are ready to hand in your assignments